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Besides offering insights into the industry, The Associate presented me with mentorship opportunities in the various areas of marketing, entrepreneurship and personal development. An overall fulfilling challenge to embark on with your team of friends

Currently in NUS Year 4 Mechanical Engineering

Lum Jun Rong

Associate Season 3

The Associate was excellent! Within 3 weeks I made money, good friends, learned from the best financial consultants, all while having tons of fun! Most importantly, I am now better equipped to manage my personal financial & insurance needs.

Currently in Sales and Marketing Management, Villeroy and Boch

Shane Hong

Associate Season 1

Joining The Associate in 2015 was a truly fun and rewarding experience. Through the various interesting activities of the competition, we are stretched to engage our creativity, presentation and entrepreneurial skills amongst others, which I believe were beneficial for my personal development and growing my network.

Currently Compliance Business Analyst, Credit Suisse  

Nai Iyn Yi

Associate Season 2

Associate Challenge changed my life.


And I’m not exaggerating. When I first joined associate challenge, I thought winning was going to be easy. I work hard, I work smart and I was resourceful. What could go wrong.


But AC opened my eyes to a whole other level of competition. Where the best are pit against the best. AC stretches your mental and physical capacity. With competition so intense, one can only come out stronger.

Currently Managing Director, Verlocal Singapore

Chew Zi Jie 

Associate Season 2

In June 2016, I made a decision to join the Associate after hearing word of it from a close friend. And over the month that followed, I  was pushed to the boundaries of my wit, knowledge and confidence through this unforgettable team competition. With challenges spanning from devising marketing strategies, to debating public policy, to playing competitive sports, the Associate challenged me from every direction.


If anyone is up for an opportunity to grow, I'd really recommend them joining The Associate. I've made some awesome acquaintances and network through it, but more significantly, the competition revealed to me more about how I could better seize my own potential. For that, I owe it to the wonderful Associate Team, as well as the family I know as the Advisor's Clique

Naresh Kant  

Associate Season 3

Currently in Year 4 Chemical Engineering

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