A Joint Production with Advisors' Clique

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What can students expect from The Associate?

Through this competition, students can expect to

  • Understand what the career of a financial consultant entails; the type of consultancy work financial consultants do and how do clients benefit from such professional advice

  • Learn about the various Singapore Government schemes available that impact our lives

  • Be equipped with the skills and knowledge that can help them transit from a carefree life of a student to a working adult life #adulting

What will the students be doing in the competition?

We do not want to disclose too much and spoil the fun for everyone. The challenges are designed to be carried outside the classroom setting, while still able to impart knowledge to the students. Some of the learning points that we can expect:

  • Financial Planning Concepts

  • Risk and Rewards Concepts

  • Government Schemes

  • Entrepreneurial skills

  • Communication skills

The list is non-exhaustive.

What is the age eligibility?

No age limit as long as you are a tertiary student.

What if I don't have enough to form a full team?

We would highly encourage you to bring along a buddy.

Team chemistry will definitely help!

However fret not if you aren’t able to find a friend.

We will pair you up with other students who are taking part on their own too.

Frequently Asked Questions