A Joint Production with Advisors' Clique

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The Prelude gives you just a taste of what our annual distinguished competition, The Associate entails. 
This is a competition that’s designed to put your limits to the test; definitely not an everyday campus competition that you can expect.
You either go big or you go home.
Play like a champion today and seize your chance now to win a Sponsored Event for you and your friends, worth up to $1000!
What say you?

Date: 03 & 04 March 2018

Venue: NTU - ALUMNI Club

Welcome to The Associate

Where Glory Hunters from various varsities come together and pit themselves in this battle of wit and talent.

So, if you think that you are creative, entrepreneurial, driven, sociable and dare to take the path less travelled, this is the ULTIMATE COMPETITION for you to prove your mettle.

Date: 18 May 2018 - 20 June 2018